Improve shelf-life with our smart cooling solutions

Best on-farm cold rooms, precooling and packhouses for fruit and vegetable in Africa

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On-farm pre-cooling leads to more shelf-life, less claims and potentially choosing the most efficient freight option. Up to 2 USD/kg savings if you shift from air to sea.


We offer a range of, easy to install, solutions responding to your needs and can grow with your business.


High quality panels coupled with high efficiency machines and electronics allow for up to 25% energy savings on top line competition

Find out which InspiraFarms solution fits you best!In Five Simple Steps

Our cold room solutions range from 25m2 rooms for decentralized operations to large-scale pre-cooling and cold room solutions. They are designed for tropical and remote areas.

HACCP-Compliant Facility
Up to 2000m2
Remote Monitoring & Control
Energy-Efficient Cooling
Lightweight & Easily Expandable
Adjustable to a multitude of crops
Financing Available

InspiraFarms coldroom design ensures best in class workflows and compliance with international food safety standards, making it easier for agribusinesses to comply with the demands of higher value markets and supply chains

HACCP-Compliant Facility
administrative and QA areas
cold rooms and precooling solutions
handling space and loading docks
Lightweight & Easily Expandable
processing space hygiene area
Financing Available
InspiraFarms Cloud

All InspiraFarms products are connected to our remote monitoring cloud that enables you to check on your produce and processes from a distance

Desktop & Mobile Friendly
UContinuous Tracking of Quality Indicators
Remote Monitoring & Control
No software installation required
Available with all InspiraFarms facilities
Adjustable to individual needs
Remote supervision of critical machine settings
Find out which InspiraFarms solution fits you best!In Five Simple Steps